Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. Frederic Mailliez : Inconsistancies

Via videolink Dr.Mailliez told the inquest

Diana was unconcious and weak.

Diana was concious, she could talk to me !

During cross-examination Richard Keen QC, representing the family of Henri Paul, asked him: "Do you remember saying that you thought the lady you had treated would survive?"

He answered: "Yes, I said that."
But he was not aware of the extent of her internal injuries."I did not have any way to make any precise diagnosis," he said.

In another report

When SAMU arrived on the scene, Dr. Mailliez left, confident that she would be quickly brought to a nearby hospital. He had already concluded, on the basis of Princess Diana's vital signs, and her movements, that she was bleeding internally.

Diana was not pinned in the rear compartment. The back seat of the Mercedes had not been seriously damaged in the crash, and there was no obstruction to getting at Diana .

Writes the Scotsman: "From the start, official spokesmen in Paris have encouraged journalists to believe that the delay was caused because Diana was trapped in the twisted wreckage of the Mercedes and that she had to be cut free before she could be moved.