Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mystery Of The 12 Men In The Shadows - Daily Express


By John Chapman

MYSTERIOUS "men in suits" were lurking in the tunnel where Princess Diana died in a car crash, a key witness has revealed. The witness claims he saw a dozen people standing in the shadows seconds before her tragic death in August 1997. Record producer Jacques Morel, 59, believes that the group, which included photographers, expected to see Diana’s Mercedes "brought to a halt by another car." He claims her death was a "stunt" which went disastrously wrong

Diana (pictured), boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in the Paris tunnel when their car careered into a concrete pillar.

Morel, now living in Tunisia, says his evidence will prove vital and could provide the key to the most controversial investigation in history. He has told British detectives: "I remember exactly what happened on the night of the crash.

"I was driving home after a Chinese meal with my wife Moufida. As we entered the Alma tunnel I saw to my left a dozen shady figures on a tiny pavement by the side of the opposite carriageway. They were standing in a long line. The sight was unforgettable.

The pavement is narrow and next to fast-moving traffic.

It was certainly not a sensible place to stand around.

A few seconds later there was an almighty bang and a flash of light. I realised there had been a crash. My first thought was that those inside the tunnel were connected with what had happened. This thought has never left me.

A car coming from the opposite direction had gone straight into a pillar. All of the other drivers stopped, so I did too. There was a symphony of car horns then white smoke filled the tunnel. I rushed to the crash scene. My mobile would not work when I tried to call emergency services. I was devastated when I saw the Princess in her white trousers in the back of the car. She looked so serene and peaceful but it was the end. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes of my life. I will never forget seeing her face. Others were lying around Diana.

I saw the white Fiat Uno being driven away by someone I later learned was James Andanson, a well-known informer for the paparazzi and security services.