Monday, December 5, 2011

Diana Pregnant At Time Of Crash Claims Investigator

According to Mohamed Al -Fayed Diana also told him she was pregnant.

A senior French investigator close to the inquiry into Princess Diana's death has reportedly confirmed she was pregnant at the time of her death more than six years ago in a Paris tunnel.
The claim, reported by Britain's Independent on Sunday newspaper, will revive speculation that Diana and her lover, Dodi al-Fayed, were murdered to avoid their relationship embarrassing the British establishment.

A long-delayed British coroner's inquiry into their deaths is due to start on January 6, although it will concentrate on the causes of the car accident in which the couple died in August 1997, and may not hear evidence of her alleged pregnancy.

The unnamed senior police source, cited by the newspaper, dismissed suggestions that the couple were murdered, but confirms that a "cover-up of sorts" prevented news of Diana's pregnancy being revealed to avoid embarrassing her family.

Medical reports, reportedly seen by the source, showed that Diana was expecting a step-sibling to Princes Harry and William, who is second in line to the British throne after Prince Charles.

"I can tell you that she was pregnant," the police officer told the newspaper.

The pregnancy was not mentioned during the two-year French investigation into the car crash because it was deemed irrelevant.

The INDEPENDENT Who Are A Very Reliable Source Have Removed Their Article From 2003 Stating Diana Was Pregnant At The Time Of Her Death ?