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James Andanson Murdered By A Yogoslav Code- Named "T" Connected To Intelligence Agencies

One has to dig and search for information and always wise to copy and paste in case said information should disappear.


I have discovered a passage in one of the investigative archives of a French newspaper that blows the official story of Princess Diana's death sky high, changing it from a car accident to an assassination. In the dossier entitled "France" at


there is a detailed account of the death of James Andanson, the notorious paparazzi photographer, whom many students of Princess Diana's death suspect was the driver of the white Fiat Uno that was seen coming out of the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris seconds after Dodi Fayed's car crashed. It is now known that this high society photographer spent several hours on board Dodi's yacht a few days before the crash, being invited to take photos of Diana and Dodi for newspapers and magazines. See:

He was found dead less than three years after the tragedy in 1997 in a burnt-out car in woodlands near Montpellier in France, his body so badly charred that it took the police nearly a month to establish his identity, using DNA and dental records. A fireman, Mr Pelat, who arrived on the scene of the burning car, said that he saw two bullet holes in Andanson's head


The police, however, concluded that Andanson had committed suicide when he discovered his wife was having an affair with a local farmer. His wife, as well as friends, adamantly rejected this. She said: "My husband was not more depressed two days before his death than six months or three years ago." She also said that he often bragged about being at the scene of the crash that fateful night (see the video above). Someone took this last photo of Diana alive in the car in the tunnel just before it crashed:


(Well, perhaps not the very last. Photos have been released of Diana still alive after the crash). The point is: did Andanson take it? He owned a white Fiat Uno, paint from which matched exactly that found on Dodi's Mercedes.He repainted the car and sold it in October, 1997, a few months after Diana's death.

What is odd about Andanson's death is that his badly charred body was found inside his locked car but no car keys were found either inside or outside it on the ground.

How was that possible?

What person intent on shooting himself inside his car would bother, anyway, to set fire to it first just before pulling the trigger?

And how could he manage to shoot himself twice in the head?!

If he was murdered because he drove the car that (intentionally or accidently) bumped into Dodi's car, causing it to swerve and crash, the assassin made the blunder of holding onto the keys after shooting Andanson and locking the car in which his burnt body was found.

The absence of the car keys proves that he was shot by someone else, therefore indicating a conspiracy to silence him.

Here is the crucial passage in the English translation of the French archive on Andanson at:

Its English translation, still garbled by the Google translator, is:

"According to the confidential report ¹ d ³ a kind of group studies ² ¹, formed after the death of Andanson ¹ by friends that the photographer was able to do in an Anglo-Saxon ¹ d investigative and security services near the British photographer has been murdered by a man Peaceful Yugoslav ¹, T. .., usually operating under the pseudonym d ¹ a large family of French nobility, also known to the singer Amanda Lear."

Now, Amanda Lear is a famous French transexxual singer and TV show hostess who was a close friend of Salvador Dali.


In 1979, she married the bisexual French aristocrat Alain-Philippe Malagnac d'Argens:


It is suspected that this man killed himself in a fire at his home in 2000 in a suicide pact with his former close male friend, who had died shortly before.

 So what this explosive passage in "Le Investigateur" is saying is that a Yugoslav code-named "T", who worked under a pseudonym that is part of this aristocrat's name, murdered the very man whom many suspect was involved in the assassination of Princess Diana!

That this man "T" was connected to intelligence agencies is strongly suggested in the following passage from "L'investigateur":

"But information of the British from now on came from to (sic) a service French information, attached to the Ministry for Defense. They could have unexpected developments. (Old) connections of T… with Amanda Lear feed from the interrogations on death by fire - a mania - D ¹ Alain-Philippe Malagnac, the husband of the singer, on December 28, 2000. T. would have worked a little, also, a year before, on the Safra file - name of the owner of National Républic Bank of New York, asphyxiated in a fire with L ¹ interior of its building-fortress of Monaco, on December 6, 1999. According to L ¹ official investigation, fire had been lit in a dustbin by an old green beret (commando of the special forces) American, Ted Maher. It came D ¹ to be recruited as male nurse, and lived a love disappointed with one of his colleagues… "

Notice the reference to working on the "Safra file". This refers to the murder of Edmond Safra, the founder of the Republic National Bank in New York, in 1999 (two years after Diana's death), for which an ex-Green Beret, Ted Maher, was convicted.


Safra employed security guards trained by the Israeli Mossad and had contacts with the FBI.

So his murder was of great interest to intelligence agencies because he had made enemies with the Russian mafia.

The man codennamed "T", named by the French newspaper website as Andanson's killer, was therefore very likely either an intelligence agent or a free-lance hitman who carried out "wet jobs" for intelligence agencies.

Here, indisputable evidence from a French source specializing in digging the dirt on French politicians and famous people that confirms that James Andanson did not kill himself but was assassinated by a Yugoslav involved in some way with international murder cases (worked on the "Safra file").

The question now is: why was Andanson killed?

He had started to brag about his presence at the crash scene and about slipping away from the French police (he left that night for Corsica - a mafia haven).

Could it be that he became a dangerous liability to those who had used him to cause the crash that killed Diana?

If so, he had to be silenced before his long-suspected free-lance work for French and British intelligence agencies became exposed.
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"Selon le rapport confidentiel d¹une sorte de ³groupe d¹études², constitué, après la mort d¹Andanson, par des amis que le photographe avait su se faire dans une société anglo-saxonne d¹investigation et de sécurité proche des services britanniques, le photographe a été assassiné par un homme de main d¹origine yougoslave, T...,évoluant habituellement sous le pseudonyme d¹une grande famille de la noblesse française, connu aussi de la chanteuse Amanda Lear."
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