Saturday, December 31, 2011

SAFRA FILE : Friends Of Andanson Who Were Close To SIS Discovered That He Had Been Killed By A Yugoslav Intelligence Agent Who Had Worked On The Murder Of Edmmond Safra.

"According to the kept-confidential understanding of a sort of study group, made up, after the death of Andanson, of friends whom the photographer had known and formed within in an English company of investigators with security close to the British services, the photographer was assassinated by a henchman of Yugoslav origin, T…, usually working and living under the pseudonym of a great family of the French nobility, known also though the singer Amanda Lear."

Is the reference to "henchman" ("un homme de main") an indication that Andanson's killer freelanced as a fellow photographer? A passage lower down in the linked dossier indicates that "T" worked as an agent on the "Safra file," referring to the international murder case of Edmond Safra, the founder of the Republic National Bank in New York, in 1999 (two years after Diana's death), for which an ex-Green Beret, Ted Maher, was convicted.
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The reference to the "British services" means of course the British Intelligence Services (SIS and MI5). In other words, a group of friends of Andanson who were close to SIS discovered that he had been killed by a Yugoslav intelligence agent who had worked on the murder of Edmmond Safra.