Saturday, December 31, 2011

Princess Diana And Iran-Contra - Is There A Link ?


The recent royal wedding has led to a resurgence of public interest in the "conspiracy theory" that the car accident that killed Princess Diana of Wales was arranged for her by the royal family and British intelligence. Mohammed Al Fayed, the billionaire father of Dodi Al Fayed, who was also killed in the, has spent millions of dollars on litigation attempting to prove that the French and British government guilty of a massive cover-up.

His case is based in large part to statements Diana made to friends about a "black network" that wanted her dead and would set her up to die in a car accident.

However it is also supported by inconsistencies in the “official” account of the accident.

The most serious is the claim by French police that the limousine driver’s blood alcohol level was three times the normal limit – which is disputed by the bodyguard Rhees-Jones, who survived the accident, as well as family, friends and work colleagues of the driver Henri Paul.

The latter describe him as a highly conscientious professional who rarely drank to intoxication and never while on duty.

Others include the failure of the French police to seal the crime scene and the extraordinary length of time it took to get medical attention for Diana, who was still conscious immediately after the accident.

After taking thirty minutes to get to the scene, the ambulance drivers left her at the side of the road while they extracted other victims from the limousine.

It then took the ambulance an hour to drive her four miles to the more