Saturday, December 31, 2011

Henri Paul :Lord Stevens team have failed to come up with any credible explanation for the level of 20.7% Carbon Monoxide level found in the sample of blood

Why the blood samples taken at that time are unreliable. Why Al Fayed barristers will easily establish some kind of reasonable doubt in the jury's mind .

1) Five samples of blood were allegedly taken from Paul's body, they were all processed and dealt with in precisely the same way

2) Two of those samples were sent off to different laboratories for testing, and the remaining three were kept at the Institute where the autopsy was carried out.

3) The two samples tested both allegedly showed identical and excessive samples of Alcohol. One of those same samples was also tested for Carbon Monoxide and showed a level of 20.7% Although it was said in the report made at the time that the unused remains of the samples actually tested would be stored and preserved, it was eventually claimed during court proceedings in Paris that in fact there is nothing left of those two samples. Accordingly, there have been no DNA tests on the two samples which were used as the basis for the Alcohol levels and as the basis for the allegation that Paul was drunk.

3) The authorities and the Lord Stevens team have failed to come up with any credible explanation for the level of 20.7% Carbon Monoxide level found in the sample of blood which was not only tested for Alcohol but also for Carbon Monoxide.

All the international experts retained by Mr Al Fayed, as well as, so we are told, those retained by the police accept that Henri Paul could not have had that level of Carbon Monoxide.

That is why virtually every expert who has been involved say that it is most unlikely that this blood could have come from Henri Paul.
4) Three unused and untested samples of blood allegedly taken from Henri Paul's body on the night of 31st August should still remain. However, in the Paris Court proceeding, Professor Lecompte has confirmed on oath and under examination that in fact she only took three samples of blood from Henri Paul's body on 31 August.

Why did the record books made under his supervision show five samples if only three were taken from Henri Paul, and where did the other two come from?

No one has been able to explain this.

Were these additional ones the two that were sent off for testing and which not only showed the high Alcohol level but also the impossibly high Carbon Monoxide level.

If Henri Paul had actually had that combination of Alcohol and Carbon Monoxide level, he could not have stood, let alone drive.

5) The three unused samples which were never sent for testing probably did come from Henri Paul.

These are probably the three which Professor Lecompte now confirms she took.

It is one of those samples which has been tested for DNA which is why the tests show that it almost certainly came from Henri Paul.

The ones sent in 1997 for Alcohol testing do not now exist and have never been tested for DNA. 'No blood ever used for alcohol testing has ever been DNA tested'.

Whatever was left over from that blood has been destroyed so that it cannot be now tested for DNA.

6) A further sample of blood was taken from Henri Paul's body 4 days later (on 4th September 1997) in front of the French investigating Judge, Herve Stephan.

This was sent off to Dr Pepin,the same toxicologist who had carried out the original Alcohol/Carbon Monoxide test, and who in fact owned the laboratory.

Apart from the 4 day time difference, this blood sample was taken using a different method and taken from a from a completely different part of the body.

Top International experts agree that, under those circumstances, no one should have obtained a closely similar or identical Alcohol reading to the blood taken on 31st August, 2007.

But amazingly, the person to whom they were sent, the self same Dr. Pepin, allegedly obtained an almost identical figure. Even more incredible is the fact that the unused remains of that blood also allegedly no longer exist and so cannot be tested for Henri Paul's DNA!

7) The samples allegedly all taken at the same time from Henri Paul are, we now know, in different sorts of bottles, some have typed labels and some have handwritten labels.

There is even evidence of someone else's name having been scratched out on one and Henri Paul's name written in.