Monday, December 5, 2011

Trevor Rees Jones Became A PARASITE - Cashing In On The Death Of Diana !

Diana bodyguard sues Ritz
Mr Rees Jones in Paris in March to speak to crash investigators

The former bodyguard who survived the accident that killed Princess Diana, is suing the Ritz hotel and the car hire firm that owned the Mercedes car.

Hugh Schofield reports from Paris
The action by Trevor Rees Jones is technically against unnamed parties "who have endangered the lives of others". But it is clearly directed against the management of the Ritz and the Etoile Limousine company.

[ image: Mercedes was hired out without driver]
Mercedes was hired out without driver
Until now the inquiry, headed by Judge Herve Stephan, has only considered the paparazzi photographers and a courier as suspects in the deaths of Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. But Mr Rees Jones, who was an employee of Ritz owner Mohamed al-Fayed, has asked the judge to widen the inquiry and consider if anyone else could be held responsible for the crash.
The former bodyguard's solicitor, David Crawford, said: "According to French legal procedure the complaint is not directed against anyone in particular, but in the text of the complaint Mr Rees Jones has obviously set out what he sees as the failings of the car company and the Ritz hotel."

[ image: Diana died hours after the crash in a Paris tunnel]
Diana died hours after the crash in a Paris tunnel
The claim against the car firm centres on the fact the limousine was provided without an officially authorised driver. Henri Paul, the Ritz security chief who died in the crash, did not have the correct licence.
Mr Crawford added: "The Ritz hotel is also implicated as it provided the car to the party.

[ image: Trevor Rees Jones: Action against Ritz and car company]
Trevor Rees Jones: Action against Ritz and car company
"It is up to the court to decide who, if anybody, is responsible and for which offences." If successful, this case could mean both the Ritz and the Etoile Limousine company being placed under formal investigation.
Earlier this month Mr Rees-Jones announced his intention to sue Mohamed al-Fayed over his legal fees.
The former paratrooper left his job with the Harrods owner in May saying he wanted to "move forward with his life".