Saturday, December 31, 2011

Diana Pregnant : Columnist Jim Keith Mentioned The Name Of The Physician Who Declared Diana Was Pregnant At The Time Of her Death.

The PLOT Thickens


Jim Keith died after knee surgery on September 8, 1999.

He was a dear friend of mine and an important person to the world. The loss is immeasurable. He was not just the co-author of The Octopus, but a dharma combatant who demonstrated time and again that the world is far more multi-dimensional, far more interesting, than the pablum that usually passes for news, information and normal discourse. Unfortunately, it is also far more dangerous.

Rumor has it that Jim may have been killed because he mentioned the name of the physician who declared Diana was pregnant at the time of her death.
I have long noted the connections between Diana's death and the Octopus.
Diana was the subject of Jim's last column for Nitro News, which has been linked via the web site of my magazine, Steamshovel Press, for the past couple of weeks.
Nitro News has not been accessible since Jim's death, although I reached it just before receiving word of his passing.
This rumor may be nonsense.
Casolaro may have committed suicide.
It is the way of the Octopus. It exists but it doesn't exist.
These are blood clots or suicides or non-suspicious homicides or real accidents. They just happen to cluster coincidentally around a certain set of facts or a certain perception of an organized conspiracy.
And if Jim Keith did not die as a result of a conspiracy, then I'm sure he would want us to make it look that way!
I hope all will remember Jim Keith for his good humor and for his fearlessness. He wrote what he knew and he let the chips fall where they might. He lived on the edge, where I usually tried to catch up with him. I hope he taught me enough about the place to keep up the work to which we were both committed.
Thank you again. Remember Jim!
Kenn Thomas

FOOTNOTE : Diana told Dr.Frederick Mailliez , first medic on the scene that she was pregnant. Dr. Mailliez was later 'persuaded' to change his story!