Thursday, December 29, 2011

Henri Paul - If His Blood Was Switched Then He Was Framed

1.) Allegedly, five samples of blood, all processed and dealt with in precisely the same way, were taken from Henri Paul’s body. However, in the Paris court proceeding, Professor Dominique Lecomte confirmed on oath and under examination that, in fact, she only took three samples of blood from Henri Paul’s body on 31 August.

2.) Why did the record books show five samples taken from Henri Paul’s body, if, according to Professor Lecomte, only three were taken?  Where did the other two alleged samples come from?  Who took those two alleged samples; and, when and how were those samples taken?

3.) Although the five samples were all allegedly taken at the same time from Henri Paul’s body, we also now know they were in different sorts of bottles…. some bottles had typed labels and some had handwritten labels.  There is also evidence that the name of someone else was scratched out on one bottle and that Henri Paul’s name was written over it.

4.) Two of these alleged five samples were then sent off to different laboratories for testing, while three of the alleged five samples were kept at the Institute where the autopsy was carried out.

5.) The two samples sent off to different laboratories both allegedly tested positive for an illegally high driver blood-alcohol level – showing identical excessive amounts of alcohol in the blood – between 1.73-1.75 grams of alcohol per liter.

6.) However, one of the two laboratory-tested samples also showed a level of 20.7% carbon monoxide!  No credible explanation has ever been given as to why one sample had 20.7% carbon monoxide in it.  All experts agree that Henri Paul could not have had a 20.7% level of carbon monoxide in his blood at the time.  If Henri Paul had actually had a combination of 1.73 g/L blood-alcohol level and 20.7% carbon monoxide in his blood just prior to the crash, experts say he would have been unable to stand up on his own, let alone drive a vehicle. That is why virtually every expert involved in this case has said that it is most unlikely that the blood that yielded these test results was from Henri more