Monday, January 2, 2012

James Hewitt Intended To Take His Own Life Over Rumours He Is The Father Of Prince Harry

Contrary to reports, Prince Harry is not the son of James Hewitt, a former British Royal Army officer who shared a five-year affair with Princess Diana.

After her divorce from Prince Charles in 1995 and before her death in August 1997, the 36-year-old admitted that she and Hewitt had an affair while she was still married. Speculation that Hewitt was the real father of Prince Harry stems from the timing of his affair with the late princess and the resemblance between him and the prince.

“No I am not [Harry's real father.] I am not happy talking about it," Hewitt, who claims his affair with the princess started after the birth of Prince Harry, said in an on-air interview with “Inside Edition.” “It's out of respect for everyone.”

Hewitt, who now lives in Spain and runs the Polo House restaurant, says he left England five years ago because of the constant media attention he received surrounding the rumors and admits he even considered committing suicide.

"I got in my car and loaded a few things up to get on the ferry to go to France -- to shoot myself," Hewitt, 52, said. "And then my mother insisted on coming with me. And, had she hadn't, I would have probably have shot myself. So I owe [my mother] my life, really."

Prince Harry has been keeping himself busy with best man duties for his brother, Prince William, who will wed longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton on Friday.