Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unlawfull Killing :Keith Allen On Controversial Diana Documentary

Talking at Cannes film festival, director Keith Allen defended his documentary 'Unlawful Killing', about the death of Princess Diana which was funded by Mohamed Al Fayed. (May 13)

His own personal opinion on Diana's death...

"I do believe that Diana was in a position to rock a number of boats, I do believe that a warning may have sufficed.

I remember with Mo Mowlam when she banged her head, they could easily report anything she said that had been contentious within the framework that Mo's mad.

So I think there's a chance [Diana] may have survived the accident, they could argue that anything she said could be put down to a nasty crack on the head. I think it may have gone too far.

 I also believe that there is a cover-up about the presentation of evidence."