Sunday, December 4, 2011

Princess Diana : 14 Years Of Lies Spies And Cover- Ups !

This year marks the 14th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and despite two separate investigations – both of which manipulated evidence in support of the ‘drink-drive accident’ theory – and a Royal Inquest which at least found that Diana’s death was the result of ‘unlawful killing’ (but which fell woefully short of properly investigating allegations of ‘conspiracy to murder’), the evidence, when examined, still massively suggests the princess was assassinated.

Questions still remain regarding the veracity of Henri Paul’s blood test, for example—the very test on which the original ‘drink-drive’ verdict was based.

Why was the blood taken from the wrong part of the body?

 Why was it stored in a vial marked “unknown male”?

 Who was this “unknown male”?

Why was it never DNA-tested to prove it belonged to Henri Paul?

And why was evidence given by Professor Peter Vanezis, Regis Professor of Forensic Medicine at Glasgow University, completely overlooked by the Royal Coroner?

Due to the excessive levels of carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul’s blood, Professor Vanezis, together with five other equally eminent forensic experts, concluded that: “The blood tested was not that of Henri Paul.” [Operation Paget Report, Page 323].

The 20.7% carbon monoxide level, they concurred, simply could not be explained, and suggested the blood must have been taken from another body at the morgue—most likely someone who committed suicide by inhaling car exhaust fumes.

Indeed, it is the only logical explanation as to how such excessive levels of carbon monoxide were found in the mystery blood sample.

The question is: Was the sample switched deliberately? more