Saturday, June 16, 2012

Princess Diana : Brainwashed - Image To Make You Believe Diana Was Trapped Inside The Mercedes And a Gagged Witness Erik Petel Who Can Prove She Wasn't.

This was how the Mercedes looked after the accident. However, the world was told Diana was trapped inside the car and the image flashed around the world was not this...


Princess Diana Conspiracy
The car in which princess Diana and Dodi Fayed lost their lives - AP Photo

Erik Petel,  first witness on the scene moments after the crash was not asked to give evidence at the inquest for the simple fact the lie told to the world would have been exposed.  The delay in removing Diana from the car (the official story we have been told) was that she was trapped inside. Petel, when he rushed over to the Mercedes saw a woman draped over the front seat of the car ( the impact of the crash had thrown Diana forward from the back seat ) he tried to help her sit up and noticed blood oozing from her nose, at this point he had no idea who she was.......If Petel managed to pull Diana into a sitting position then she was not trapped inside the car and the cutting open of the vehicle along with the images flashed around the world were mere theatrics for us to understand how no one could possibly survive such an impact .